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Sia Harandi attended George Washington University, and earned a Mechanical Engineering degree in just three years. After a very successful run in the insurance industry, Sia decided that he wanted to work for himself. After making a connection in the blinds and shutters industry, he founded Pink.


Since 1987, Sia has been building a brand that’s devoted to his customers and to his family. His customers can expect top quality materials, installation, and care as a result of his industry connections and uncompromising demand for quality. Like many families across the country, Sia’s has experienced cancer-related hardship and loss. That’s why Pink donates a portion of all proceeds to the American Cancer Society every year. At Pink, business isn’t just about profit; it’s about delivering an exceptional product and improving lives.

Blinds can dramatically enhance the aesthetics of a home. Not only can they be the perfect element to promote a certain feel, but they can marry the interior and exterior by highlighting a gorgeous view. They can save money on both heating and cooling: did you know that blinds and shutters can enact as much as a thirty-degree temperate difference? Pink is passionate about blinds and shutters, and uncompromising in delivering beautiful craftsmanship for your home.

In his spare time, Sia is an avid athlete. Between golf, soccer, and tennis, he is both a player and a coach. Part of his business acumen and success comes from his tenacity and ambition to succeed, and this trickles into the quality that his customers have come to expect.

About Our Executive Vice PresidentHJL_9205_Print

Our newest Executive Vice President Sep Harandi is from McLean, Virginia and has left his mark on the community with various activities including volunteer coaching for McLean youth basketball. Sep attended and graduated from Langley High School in 2014. During his time at Langley he was a four-year varsity soccer player and a captain for three of those years. He also was a one-year varsity football player.  Following his high school career, he attended and played Division 1 soccer at Longwood University. He Graduated from Longwood with a Bachelors of Science in May 2018 earning a degree in Biology. Before taking on the role of Executive Vice President, Sep spent three years at Pink Blinds and Shutters as the Vice President of Marketing while being a full-time student.





About Our Vice President of Operations

Our Vice President of Operations, Francine Gambeski, joined the Pink Blinds & Shutters team in spring of 2020. Francine attended Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University for a Bachelor of Architecture with a minor in Public Affairs and Urban Planning. During her time at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University Francine was an active member of the Equestrian Team and competed as a team rider for Virginia Tech’s Dressage Team.

Francine aspires to create spaces that improve the clients’ overall quality of life through thoughtful, functional, and timeless design solutions. Moreover, she excels at combining logic with aesthetics to create spaces that are both functional and beautiful. Francine approaches every project with an open mind, as she believes flexibility is key to creativity and problem-solving.

Francine’s passion for functional yet beautiful spaces, combined with her enthusiasm for thoughtful design, make her a crucial asset to Pink Blinds & Shutters and our clients.


About Our Customer Service Representative

ReidReid joined the Pink Blinds & Shutters team during the spring of 2020.

Reid graduated from obedience school, at the top of his class, in July 2019. Although Reid is still early on in his career, he excels at connecting with customers and maintaining a positive attitude. He has a strong work ethic, although he does spend a large quantity of his time napping around the office.

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